This is not a two-sided issue

The current fiasco the US government is in has been provoked entirely by one of the major political parties. Republicans warned us all summer that they would shut the government down if they did not get their unilateral demands satisfied. They have fulfilled their promise.

They have the audacity to say the Administration is not “willing to compromise”. What they do not say, and what is crucially important to remember, is that the budget in the Senate-passed continuing resolution is already a huge compromise by the Democrats. A huge one. $216 billion of compromise.

That is the difference between the original budget our President sent to Congress and the amount voted on by the Senate. President Obamas budget for 2014 was $1,203 billion dollars.

Paul Ryan created a plan that involved major cuts to social spending in 2011 and it totaled $1,095 billion. In 2011 when Republicans held our nation hostage over the debt limit, they whittled the budget down to $1,060 billion. Now they have obtained even more cuts to federal spending, and we are currently looking at a budget waiting for them to pass which is $261 billion LESS than what the President asked for.

That is a huge 16 percent compromise from the Administration, when a mere 1 percent can mean slashing an entire government agencys funding. The budget that Republicans are refusing to sign already is a huge compromise from the Democrats.

If we are to deal honestly with the situation, basic facts must be recognized. The stubborn people in the room willing to trash the economy are ALL on one side of the aisle.

Richard Saunders


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom