Those ugly rumors

Southern Tioga’s last meeting put the final nail in the coffin for North Penn High School. The ruse that was used was the STSB advocating two possible choices. Close Liberty high school and only loose a little over a million dollars by 2015 or close North Penn High School and loose a few more millions by 2015 by keeping NPHS open.

A clever question was asked of the boards financial advisor as to which choice would be the best possible choice. His response was that neither was a feasible option as both lead to a financial disaster just one being larger than the other and with the pension issue coming up as soon as the school closing issue is finished the financial future is as black as the deepest area of an ocean.

This all plays out well for Liberty because when the board voted to close Liberty High School last year the liberty community rushed into both cyber and charter schools to save their children from North Penn.

This migration has lead to a significant drop in the student body of Liberty High school and now Liberty High School needs the students from North Penn to fill all the vacancies created by both cyber and charter educations in place of the liberty high school.

The creditability of their financial responsibility is questionable as it seems on various occasions millions of dollars have been “lost” but then found again? There seems to be no direction as far as the citizens of this affected community sees it.

For thirty years as I have been told there has been talk of one consolidated school for the entire STSD. I recently asked the STSB how much money a consolidated school would save the district in terms of salaries and jobs and maintenance and bussing but the question isn’t answered.

If there was a consolidated high school with a vocational school the drop out rate would be a lot smaller because not all children are of an academic mind.

All this nonsense, all this time all this heart break and disappointment for what? So that the fraternity of teachers, and administrators can all keep their jobs at the tax payers expense.

Make one consolidated high school with a vocational program, lose a lot of unnecessary dead weight and put the wasted salaries to work to provide a truly equitable education for all our children not just some of them. Is it true North Penn students are needed in Liberty to fill vacant seats?

Paul Hosszu