Tom’s dream

Tom Rider left to the citizens of Lycoming County an 868-acre park for all to enjoy nature. His dream was a beautiful well maintained park where people could walk safely and enjoy themselves.

The First Community Foundation Partnership Property Inc. leases the park to gas companies. The original Rider Park Board was made of people who dealt with nature, law enforcement and knew how to manage a park. The FCFPP is made up of business persons and educators that have expertise and do many good things for our community; however, a difficulty for them is they do not have expertise in the management and running of a park. The foundation is trying to get by with doing very minimal work. With new rule changes, each person is at their own risk when entering the park. Nobody is around if there is an emergency or to enforce the rules. Without enforcement, rules are just words on a sign that won’t some won’t pay attention to.

With the non-invasive gas leasing, there should be interest from $3 million dollars to maintain the park. How is that money being used, where is it going?

What of Tom’s dream? Each one of us can visit the park and determine if his dream is reality or if there is an honest attempt at realizing his dream.

Harry “Skip” Stackhouse


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom