Unfair blame on landlords

Yet again Captain Miller and our mayor are in the newspaper calling landlords of this city “slumlords” and placing the blame on the city’s drug problem on the backs of landlords.

I take this personally, and quite frankly so should all of the dedicated hard working landlords in our city. The reality is the drug problem our city faces is the ineffectiveness of our police force, their inability to do their jobs, their waste of tax payers money, and the mismanagement at the administrative level.

Instead of sending our police offers to barking dog calls, or to pick up abandoned bikes, mandate those phone calls to animal control and the streets and parks department. Stop creating special assignments and put more officers on patrol to handle the crime in our city.

I am amazed at the total waste of tax paying dollars and man power that this administrative has gotten away with. The mayor wants to revert to petty name calling?

I recall when a member of the City Council attempted that tactic with him, he referred to her as “indignant”. That is exactly the same word that I would use to describe his slanderous statement that he has made toward hard working tax payers of this city!!

He is way out of line and so is Captain Miller, who does not even live in this city, but utilizes a city car to drive to and from work everyday courtesy of tax payers money.

The police want to enforce a rental ordinance; how about the police stop wasting the hard working people of this city’s money and do their job?

Enforce the law, arrest those who break it, protect those who do not. Stop trying to make landlord’s do what you receive a paycheck for.

Rhonda Santalucia


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom