I am writing in reference to the natural gas drilling in this area. I read in the Sun-Gazette that city streets are going to be repaired with funds from the gas impact fees.


How about out here on Beaver Lake Road above the Sullivan County line? We have a road that is crumbling and the shoulders are falling off the road.

On a daily basis at least 100 vehicles per day related to the gas industry from heavy equipment to truck traffic and the impact fees go to fix Williamsport roads? My neighbors and myself are in an island with 4 wells around us but we are not getting royalties right now.

My next door neighbor allowed them to put a pipe line through his field; it has been a year and still he hasn’t been paid the funds he was promised.

The sad thing is we supported the gas industry and they haven’t been fair to us in our opinion.

Walter J. Davis Jr.

Muncy Valley

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom