Regarding the proposed rental ordinance, the requirement for all rental property owners to register with the city is unnecessary since it is already required under the rental inspection ordinance passed years ago. Fines are levied for failure to register and have your properties inspected. During these inspections, the codes officer notes any deficiencies and the owner is required to fix the problems. The information the new ordinance is supposed to supply is already on record . Any property owner not complying is identified through tax records.

The requirement for all tenants to register with the city amounts to gross discrimination against a specific segment of our society . Once this list is compiled, will the codes and police department use the information to do background checks on all on the list to make sure no criminals are residing in the city? If so, will the possible criminal be subject to increased scrutiny?

Will they be required to identify themselves by wearing a scarlet letter “R” on their clothing? ,after all how are they supposed to identify the evil renter? The answer to the city’s ills is not another burdensome requirement aimed at local landlords. Most landlords are responsible business people trying to make a small profit or, more often, just break even.

Those slumlords, as the current administration refers to them as, are a small group and have already been identified , as such, by the codes department. Its time to get tough on these few landlords. Cite them for violations again and again until they get the message and either clean up their properties or sell them off to others who will maintain them.

Enforce existing laws instead of adding more and leave law-abiding landlords and tenants alone. After all, to be fair and really make a difference in the amount of crime in the city, shouldn’t all residing in the city limits be required to register and be put on a list? You never know , a possible criminal could be lurking in that owner-occupied residence down the street.

Jeff T. Bower


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom