Very sad

It is very sad to attend a parade and when our flag (the American flag ) comes down the street carried by a military, scout unit or band that people don’t come to their feet and remove hats and place their hand over their heart. Then you have veterans come down the street walking or riding as they may be our World War II, or injured and people and children do not stand. Let a Gold Star Mother or Widow of a vet come by and watch what people do. It is also very sad that the children are not taught to do the same, but they come to their feet for candy. These same people call themselves Americans! I was taught as a child to respect the flag and our National Anthem by standing quietly with hat off and hand over my heart when carried or heard no matter where or what we were doing. It’s to say thank you to our vets.

Roy T. Colley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom