Wrong-headed thinking

Richard Saunders’ Letter to the Editor on Oct. 3, titled, “War on Christianity,” is typical wrong-headed Democratic thinking. The Bible exhorts us to give of our own personal belongings and funds to the needy.

If you check statistical records, you will find that Republicans are far and away more generous than Democrats with their own funds when it comes to donating to charity for the truly needy. Democrats, on the other hand, strive to give other people’s money to every leech in society in order to buy their votes and guarantee the Democrat’s continued presence in the political arena.

If social programs were pared back to serve only the truly needy, no Republican would have a problem with them. Instead, Democrats are bankrupting our country to buy votes. If you want to determine which party is nearer to Christian beliefs as professed in the New Testament, you need look no further than the views on abortion.

Abortion is a democratic mainstay, Right to Life is a Republican precept. Mr. Saunders doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The really sad fact is that he can’t see that. He needs to go to church and learn what a Christian really is.

James D. Lewis