Wrong priorities

Is it any wonder that the common American citizen is appalled by the actions of the Congress people of the United States. Whether they be senators or representatives they are only out for their own agenda. It is obvious that not one of them care for the opinions of their constituents. I have often wondered about the absolute stupidity In certain sections of this country that they will continue to elect corrupt officials who would rather see the country go down in flames than compromise with the president.

I don’t really like to see the debt ceiling raised again. However, if that us the solution to getting the government running again, then that’s the answer. The Congress us acting like a petty child who only sees one solution my way or the by way. I’m not in agreement with the supporters of the national health care system. There are too many homes in it.

There are far too many old boys in Congress. They have been there so long they don’t feel any need to know the needs of those whom they represent. Why bother? Their party officials will get them re-elected no matter what they do or say. I am certain many will disagree with me. So be it.

Joanna Taylor

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom