A joke

Minimum wage laws are a joke. Distribution of wealth is crazy. According to the government. One percent of the nation control 40 percent of the nations cash. It is such an uneven playing field? You have corporate America with millions in profits paying the same wages as a mom and pop sub shop that can barely pay its bills.

If you are a million dollar corporation hoarding all the nation’s money, you should be forced to pay a living wage, (distribution of wealth), yet these small mom and pops business who cannot compete with corporate rules and regulations are going under. Small family businesses are penalized. We have corrupt politicians, no anti trust laws, no competition, checks and balances have been removed and corporate America has us all by the short hairs of our automatic payments.

They put us on frustration hold once they have our routing number. See the distribution of wealth chart on government website, check it out, crony capitalism is not working.

Mim Logue


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom