A response

A recent letter cited three quotes from Thomas Jefferson and only one was accurate and true.

Don’t like being called a racist? I suggest you take a hard look at how you are speaking. You may be discussing President Obama and his policies but they are sounding nothing like when you discuss those same policies from Biden, Pelosi, Reid or any other Democrats.

Scandals! It seems every week there is a scandal from D.C. Is it a scandal? Is it on par with the political scandal of the caliber of the Teapot Dome? Or are we again witnessing political manipulation with the help of the media to pay too much attention to something that no longer needs our attention?

The claim is that the government has no resources; they either forcibly take it from you or borrow it and in turn burdening future generations. Our government is a source of many resources. If the government did produce its own resource for the resources it provided, we would no longer have a democratic republic. It would also mean every invention made under the auspices of the government would be theirs. People who fear the U.S. turning into a socialist or communist country are pushing for the government to do so by calling for them to earn their resources.

When calling the president the worst in history, present facts. Take a good look at the actions of Congress, Wikileaks, global economy and economic policies of other nations as they play out in the reactions of countries and the US. One person did not do all of this on their own no matter how much you want it to be so. It is a chain reaction that is only getting bigger.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom