Abandon ship

The launch of the flailing, leaky hulk known as ObamaCare was preceded by the statement from Nancy Pelosi, the Wicked Witch of San Francisco, that “we have to pass it to find out what’s in it”. Well, now we know : Higher, much higher premiums; exorbitant deductibles; massive co-pays; loss of doctor, cancellations of current affordable coverage, and on and on.

The $600 million, ill-constructed garbage scow is now in rough water up to its gunwales and the rats — the “loyal” Democrats who rammed this down our throats and refused to bargain its adjustment during the “shutdown” — are jumping ship as they realize that their re-election chances are dimming daily.

As I said before, it’s all about re-election for every politician of either party, keeping that precious seat with all the perks and not having to participate in Obamacare. The panic in the Senate and the House is spreading as Obama’s loyalists realize that the “Affordable” Care Act is anything but rather, it’s a multi-billion dollar Ponzi scheme and is endangering that most precious commodity: the cushy Washington job. Like the rest of the bamboozled , they’re coming to realize that Obama is a fraud, an egotistical poseur, and his political demise is at hand.

One can only hope that the voting populace, even those known as “low information” types, will remember this debacle in 2014 and wield a big broom in both houses of Congress.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom