Another View

May I suggest that you don’t tell people to call you crazy because they will. In regards to the letter about the great almost complete takeover of our government I would like to point out that if the Republicans did not behave so insanely the Democrats would not look like the saner choice.

The schools don’t require saluting the flag thanks to religious convictions not because someone was non religious.

Which brings us to the Air Force Academy’s phrase. They have cadets who have diverse backgrounds and that includes religion. The phrase is not original to the oath taken by cadets when the academy was founded. We find out more and more that religious reference in pledges and oaths were added later usually in the mid twentieth century. They were not original.

The United States is an empire. I say it is not. Are we a world leader, yes most definitely. There is a growing concern from people that our dominance is fading. Has it faded or has the rest of world finally caught up? Is it bad for that to happen?

The United States is a very competitive by nature and still is. There is one area that the United States still dominants and that is in innovations. We create and others can only but follow.

Why is it that those on a fixed income think that the rest of us should be on one also? I could understand it if prices for goods never changed or the value of commodities and property never change or for that matter our existence never changed. But you know our life expectancy changed and most were unprepared for it.

If you want the city to renovate a property in the city you should first find out if in fact they own it before you make plans for it.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom