Column belittles

In a recent column in the Sun-Gazette, Charles Krauthammer reluctantly, but for good reasons, favors a change in the name of the Washington NFL team.

But in doing so he belittles the idea of political correctness. To me being PC is an option in favor of politeness and concern for those identified by a term or misled by it. It is just as easy to be PC as to be non-PC. Why not favor the kinder course?

Mascots depicting American Indian warriors of the past submerge the fact that no ethnic segment in America has contributed a larger percentage of its population to U.S. fighting forces than the American Indians.

Mascots depicting Indian warriors might more appropriately depict them without face paint and feathers but instead wearing the helmets of modern GIs.

Perhaps the franchise could be named the “Washington Americans,” since “Patriots” is already in use.

But I doubt that the coach of any team having an American Indian designation has ever said, “Let’s go out and win this one for the honor of Indians,” unless he or she were coaching a squad of them.

Ned S. Coates

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom