The article “Judge declares mistrial in rape case” that was published in Wednesday’s paper is disappointing on many levels.

Perhaps what is most disappointing is that the “lone juror’s” attitude represents the high level of ignorance regarding rape that is prevalent in our society.

The YWCA is dedicated to serving and protecting individuals like the rape victim in this case. If we do not strive to clarify the blatant misinformation presented by “lone juror” we fail this victim and we fail all victims.

Let’s begin with one simple fact: Rape is always the fault of the rapist. “Lone juror” epitomizes the fact that we live in a culture that blames the victim.

The truth is that even if a woman is passed out drunk or drugged in the middle of a bar it is not her fault if a man intentionally violates her. If her skirt is short or her top is low-cut or she flirts or goes home with him, if she drank too much or took drugs it is the rapist’s fault if he has sex with her against her will or without her consent.

Drinking or wearing revealing clothes is not punishable by rape. Victim blaming has to stop and rapists must be held accountable.

How unfortunate for this victim that she gathered the courage to report her rape to go through the process to get a fair trial and then one “lone juror” with an obvious agenda destroys the fair trial this victim is guaranteed by law. Furthermore, when the Sun-Gazette quotes this juror’s words over and over in one article, the victim and all rape victims are repeatedly demeaned.

We ask all rape victims to remember it was not your fault.

We are sorry that there are still people who believe that rape is only a stranger hiding in a dark alley to violent abuse someone.

Rape is a crime and rape is abuse.

Mae-Ling Kranz & Vanessa Hunter


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom