This presidency represents disfunction. His “Hussein’s” vexing socialist/communistic thinking is surfacing daily. For one, the national debt is the number one threat to our economy. It now amounts to $150,000 for every citizen. Sadly, there is no miracle solution on the horizon.

Proverbs speaks to each one of us how not to get into debt, therefore not being hostage the lender. When the subterfuging guy in the White House took office in the national debt was three trillion, now it is 17 trillion, outrageous!

Just this week, financial headlines read: The yield on treasury bills maturing this month “soared” to 0.28 percent, thus hitting its highest level since the 2008 financial crisis. Managers of money-market funds are becoming wary. Why, because it is hard to make money when interest rates are at 0, as they have been for so long. It is hard to boost the economy by adjusting interest rates when they are already at 0. Investors/savers are having little chance of making money at these rates. Savers/investors are altruistic movers in the economy. They need to be motivated first to jumpstart our tepid economy. Conclusion: We need leadership.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station