Energy injustice

Heating oil and gasoline costs six times more than what it did at the turn of the century, but minimum wage workers and other low-income citizens such as social security recipients income has increased only half that amount. Does this concern the gas companies, the state or the federal government?

They boast and revere that the state has more natural gas than we have things to do with it. Natural gas production from Marcellus Shale is growing faster than expected, according to a new federal report. When will our state and federal governments wise up to the fact that we the citizens would like very much to have a piece of this pie, before it is consumed entirely by foreign countries. Famous last words published in our local newspaper reads: Marcellus Shale Gas is now well on its way to changing the global energy market. The plan to export Pennsylvania’s natural gas overseas gets federal approval.

Like most other things in our country today, they focus and favor exporting our natural gas to foreign countries, in preference to concentrating on making natural gas available to the citizens of our own country. The less fortunate in our country are being deliberately robbed by gas companies every winter, when we have no alternative but to pay high heating oil bills every month that often exceed our monthly income.

During this same time, we are being raked over the coals every time we fill up our gas tanks in our vehicles. What it costs to fill up the gas tank of an automobile today would have bought a tillable or wooded acre of land, during the lifetime of the retired senior citizens who are living in the state today.

The gas companies and residents of Williamsport should be reminded that the gas wells are not drilled within city limits and truck traffic bypasses the city of Williamsport. The municipalities had the dirty work dumped upon them, whether they liked it or not. That is the situation we are in today, as the residents of rural Pennsylvania view it.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.