Farewell Williamsport

Thank you, Williamsport, for an interesting two and a half month stay. I was fortunate enough to arrive in town before the Little League World Series began and while the precious historic trolleys still combed the neighborhood streets.

I was most impressed with your bus drivers who made sure that in the evenings I was safely dropped off at the bus stop closest to where I was staying. I also witnessed a driver learn of a lost visitor who was stranded somewhere and go out of his way to go rescue him. I was least impressed with the dog walkers of the Grampian Hills area that consistently wouldn’t return my smiles and morning salutations.

And here I thought only some of the dog walkers of the Southern California beaches were snobby!

I have been traveling the better part of last year and came to this state and town for what was supposed to be a semester visit with my college student teen.

Unfortunately, I sustained a knee injury and left early to have my surgery where I have more help and a single-story location to recover in. While making Williamsport my temporary home, there was rarely a day I didn’t stroll through downtown or neighborhoods taking in the local sights.

I was always in awe of how I could walk through great wealth, middle-class and poverty all within less than 10 blocks.

I fell in love with the history of the city and the historic homes and buildings, although I worried about the blight I saw. It would be fabulous to see some of the profits being made from those exorbitant rents (due to temporary increased demand) be put into internal and external restoration projects for these rentals thus improving the town and the properties for the long run.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay, met mostly very nice people and would happily share Williamsport’s gems with others. Thank you for your hospitality!

Michelle Rago

Fallbrook, CA.

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom