Free cheese

There is always free cheese in a mouse trap! “Oh look, free cheese!” And then… Whack! The government promises free stuff all of the time. “Trust us, and we will give you free phones; free food stamps; free health care; free money, and then Whack! It costs you your dignity; your integrity; your ethics; your morality; your sense of accomplishment, your self worth, and freedom!

The recent story in Louisiana where the glitch in food stamp card limits being suspended caused people to go crazy thinking they won the jackpot with free stuff is one example of the mouse trap consequences. Rather than being grateful for what they were already given that they did not earn; rather than having self restraint, knowing the difference between right and wrong; they lost their dignity, integrity, ethics, and morality. Like Esau of old, they sold their birthright for a bowl of porridge!

How many people use the assistance for temporary help compared with a lifetime of dependency? It is supposed to be temporary assistance to help people get back on their feet through tough times, but tough times does not mean lifetimes!

The saying goes, that you cannot cheat an honest man. Don’t let the government cheat you out of your God given rights acknowledged by the Constitution: Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, not happiness, but the freedom to pursue it without government interference. If you so easily give up your rights for free stuff, don’t be surprised if the last sound you hear is whack!

Keith McAndrew


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom