Gangster government

Are the latest revelations of government corruption surprising? Those in government who knowingly perform illegal activity justify their actions by saying they were just following orders. Isn’t that the excuse the Nuremberg criminals used as a defense?

Why is government corruption endless? Could it be the same caliber of people are continually hired due to the closed hiring practices used by government? Government income takers say they need to be paid better and given lavish benefits so government can hire the best and brightest. Are the best and brightest always in the same families and extended families?

Unionized government agencies are out of a Karl Marx horror story. Why are they allowed to organize in solidarity to extort money from their neighbors? They can’t be fired because there are no moral or performance standards to meet. Is it legal?

Yes, but only because of corrupt government practices. Those with faith based morals know because something is legal it is not necessarily moral, and demanding and taking a far greater income package than they could ever receive in the private sector is not only immoral, but cowardly.

Private sector workers can’t take off whenever they want with pay. They don’t have guaranteed income security because they can be terminated for any reason.

They work far longer hours, meaning they have less time to spend with their families. Not only are government income takers taking money out of their private sector neighbors’ pockets through payroll and property taxes, but they increase taxes on businesses, which reduces their neighbors’ wages. Higher business taxes also discourage private sector job creation. How low would the unemployment rate be without the insatiable greed of government income takers?

With the exception of the military, which is merit based, and a few other services, the majority of government should be privatized. The private sector is not without its share of corruption, but there is a profit incentive that forces hiring qualified people in the majority of situations.

Government corruption could be greatly reduced if only a few would speak out, but that requires having moral fortitude and guts, qualities apparently lacking from the riders of the gravy train. Why is it acceptable for government income takers to close their eyes to corruption, but be indignant if someone robbed their house, and the person witnessing the robbery refused to testify? Corruption within government has become acceptable and crosses all religious and political affiliations. How many private sector income earners’ lives were ruined over the years because of unjustified harassment from a cowardly IRS thug?

Government spending will eventually collapse our economy, but try having this conversation with a government income taker. Scranton is near bankruptcy, and they owe it all to you. Without the perpetual demand for benefits unheard of in the private sector, none of it would have been possible.

Ted Mahaffey


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom