Get involved

Recently, I have been asked my opinion on the government shut down; and how do we fix Washington. The debacle that took place these past several weeks, does not represent the best of our democracy. How does the average citizen change the climate in politics?

It’s a very simple answer. Get involved. It’s that easy. If you are fed up with the status quo; and you want change; stop electing the same faces over and over again. Yes; I’m suggesting having more choices at the polls. It’s healthy for our nation. Step up and become a candidate. Don’t use the excuses that you aren’t smart enough, educated enough, or experienced enough, to seek office. Under our constitution, to be a candidate, any person is qualified, by simply being an American citizen; there are no educational, or experience requirements. The more choices at the polls of candidates, the more voters feel empowered.

You’re still not sure about seeking office; then simply vote. On average less than 25 percent of those registered to vote, do. That means even 75 percent of those that register, fail to go to the polls. Even more disturbing, how many people who can vote in this nation, simply don’t register, and have no control of who is in office.

We see what extreme right and left radical idealism gets us. Absolutely nothing. That’s right, the far right view or far left view, simply divides us all, they incite anger, and cause obstruction. We all should be thinking of electing more moderate thinkers. These are the people who genuinely work for the common good, they work at offering solutions in a non-partisan way to achieve harmony, and the best agreements, for the nation. They are the leaders, who broker legislation, that is for the common good.

We also have this sense that electing lawyers, professionals, and the elite, or the infamous 1 percent of our wealthy in this nation, is better in government. Let me state; that is exactly who we do not need in Washington. It’s time to encourage the soccer moms, the machine operators, and others, in our communities, to seek office. The wealthy, the lawyers, and the professional elite of this country, are out of touch. They don’t understand the needs of “main street” or those tree lined neighborhoods, where every day people work, educate their kids, and who try to have the American dream of home ownership. These are the voices we need in congress; every day people; to balance the needs in society. We have a dysfunctional government, because we do not have enough voices represented from main stream America.

The answer to the question is simple; “How do we fix Washington?” Seek office yourself. Encourage others to seek office. Get involved, work on campaigns. Always, always, always; G

William L. McGill


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom