GOP has no backbone

I am sick and tired of these spineless republicans in Washington who call themselves conservatives.

These rinos have to go. The John McCains, Mitch McConnells and Lindsey Grahams of the Republican Party are destroying the conservative movement.

While true tea party conservatives in the house fought hard against the debt ceiling and Obama care. Weak-kneed Republicans capitulated to Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats. President Obama wasn’t even willing to talk to John Boehner and the Republican Party to negotiate some kind of compromise.

But yet, President Obama has no problem negotiating with the mullahs of Iran who don’t even recognize the existence of the state of Israel. This president and his progressive cohorts have no moral compass and certainly do not have the American peoples best interest at heart.

The Republicans should have gotten something in return for raising the debt ceiling. This country is 17 trillion dollars in debt. There should have been spending cuts somewhere. Especially with all the fraud and abuse going on in all of Obama’s entitlement programs.

At the very least, we as tax paying, hard working Americans should have gotten a one year reprieve from Obama care just like he gave big business.

How about the fact that Obama, his family, Congress and now labor unions are exempt from the law of the land known as Obamacare. Since it’s named after Obama. I think he and his family should be the first ones to sign up. Apparently they’re too good for his signature healthcare program.

What burns me more than anything is how this president and the left wing media play the American people as fools. The blatant closings of memorials and national parks was done with a vengeance to hurt the American people.

The most despicable closing was the World War 11 Memorial in Washington, D.C. These American heros gave their lives and limbs so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have today.

There were more barricades and security measures taken to prevent our heroic war veterans from visiting their war memorial than there was at the U.S. embassy in Bengazi to protect Ambassador Stephens and his heroic staff.

When is enough going to be enough with this entire administration?

Jon M. Hasselman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom