Grow up

A letter which appeared in November 17th’s edition (“A Response”) was a collective response to numerous recent letters. I feel that the spectre of racism, so frequently inculcated by members of the Left, cannot go unchallenged. Can anyone please explain to me how disagreement with President Obama’s policies constitutes racism?

From what I’ve read of the Tea Partiers’ letters to the editor they all seem to concur that the president, Vice President Biden, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are all equally to blame; Reid and Pelosi perhaps more so, as they were the actual “brains” behind the ACA. The president left it in their care, and they pushed it through before anyone had time enough to read it.

President Obama is an intelligent, mature adult who can shoulder criticism and acknowledge his mistakes, and so should his supporters. Are there racists out there who don’t like the president because of his race? I’m sure that there are, for that sort of ignorance is, unfortunately, one of the constants in the universe. I recall quite vividly those who despised JFK for his Catholicism. But they are by no means the majority..

Is Eric Holder a racist for espousing a policy of not prosecuting civil rights cases where the victims are Caucasian? Are the Philadelphia voting precincts where not one vote was cast for Romney indicative of racism, or did the folks just not like his policies? Do you really believe that disagreeing with President Obama’s policies constitutes racism?

Think carefully before you answer, for I’m sure that, more than once, you have disagreed with the policies of Herman Cain, Alan West, Dr. Benjamin Carson and Condoleeza Rice. And that last one, disagreement with Condi Rice, makes you not only a racist, but a misogynist as well. That race card has been played so much that it is getting dog-eared. Let’s cool it and grow up, shall we?

Ken Robertson


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