It is not race

Recently I watched part of an interview on TV where Oprah Winfrey stated that some people are Racial when it comes to Pres. Obama. I am tired of hearing this from most entertainment celebrities who are supposed to set examples for the young people.

Ms. Winfrey, I am sorry that you feel that we Caucasians are bigoted. Not everyone judges by the color of a person’s skin, nor where one comes from. Most USA citizens, including myself, are proud of our country and most of our citizens. We only want to see that all of us take responsibility for our errors or misjudgments and are treated equally.

As a white female, I mistakenly voted for Obama the first time but not the second time.

I hoped he would bring this country together as far as race relations, war, and putting people to work.

Like Pres. Obama, I often turned the other cheek to help those less fortunate than myself. However, I was wrong. But I am mature enough to admit when I have been wrong.

As citizens and voters we need to do better research on a candidate, (background), when they run for office. He or she must be a good listener, not fear of saying I do not know, and above all follow the Constitution, (Federal or state). And they must never fear of making a decision that will benefit every citizen, not just a few, or because it will benefit a political party.

President Obama may be a good man and father. However, I believe that he needs to have more experience in making wise decisions and stop blaming others for this own inadequacies’.

We often bite of more than we can chew, Ms. Winfrey. Do you not think that it is possible that President Obama has done this and will not admit that he was wrong?

Ida M. Temple


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom