It takes a village

I couldn’t resist sending my thoughts on what Mr. Dobbie wrote in the paper. It takes a village, Mr. Dobbie, to catch these perpetrators. Since you don’t care to live in this city and just collect whatever money you can without any responsibility toward your property, you just don’t seem to understand.

I suppose you don’t make the necessary repairs after your errant tenants leave those apartments full of cockroaches, damages, more people than allowed to live in them, or leave “crack” houses behind! Some of those people leave residue from the “coke” and heroin that they process. Think you’ll care when some little baby gets hold of some of that stuff and something happens to it? I hope not, but Mr. Dobbie, you probably don’t care.

Our city has been fighting the drug problem for years and once in a while, someone helps by doing the right things. There seems to be a lot of crime all over the country and we need all of the help we can get. Our police department and fire department work hard to keep us safe. One would think you would be on board.

For what it is worth, I think city council should make the landlords give names of tenants when they register them. After all, how will the police know where the criminals are?

Gretchen H. Kennedy


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom