Lies and more lies

When one tells a falsehood, it can sometimes be overlooked or forgiven, but when one tells the same falsehood over and over to deliberately deceive others, then that person is an out and out lier.

That is what our present occupier of the “White House” has done to this country, in order to sell his “Affordable Care Act” (O’Bama Care). However he is not alone.

Many of the Democrats, and especially those in the US Senate knew the short-comings of the ACA, but chose to ignore the warnings, and instead, went along with their liberal leaders, and followed O’Bama like the “Pied Piper.

It is amusing to see many of these same democrats now trying to cover their butts by proposing changes to the ACA. Just a few months ago, they were so adamant against any changes, while knowing fullwell the president was not telling the truth.

Now suddenly they are like rodents leaving a sinking ship. I wonder what mumbo jumbo our own Senator Casey will try to use to cover his continued allegiance to the liberal cause, rather than the people he is supposed to represent. He like others has gone along with abortion, same sex marriage, and supported more gun laws, as well as “O’Bama Care”.

Even past president Bill Clinton is getting into the act, by trying to distance Hillary from the ACA, but she was for it from the beginning, and is still trying to cover up the”Bengazi” horror.

Lies and more lies is all we have had from this administration, and now I wonder who they will blame for this latest debacle.

Galen William Seaman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom