I am a retired lifelong union member and proud of it. Mr. Russo, when it comes to criticizing Jim Beamer and the unions, you are, apparently, not very well informed. As I still serve on the Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, I can tell you that every electrician completes a five-year-long rigorous class room study program along with five years of on the job training. They work side by side with a skilled electrician who is teaching and instructing them every day at the work site. Only after these requirements are met, are they able to work by themselves.

If you make it through our program, you are the best and safest electrician you can be. You can argue all you want about high labor costs, but union workers are very efficient and knowledgeable and are, constantly, being updated on new technology. All that is, indeed, a money saver.

Leonard C. Mahonski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom