Missing point

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer complains that during the recent budget stalemate, a minority of people in Congress are attacking the heart and spirit of our democracy by not compromising, and also suggests that the Founding Fathers would have done everyone a favor if the constitution included an article requiring people in Congress to behave like grown men and women.

The author failed to note that the Founding Fathers created the constitution after they refused to compromise with the majority power, England, and, by adhering to their convictions, their ideals, their values, to the point of putting their lives and the lives of those they loved at risk.

I am glad our Founding Fathers did not compromise, even though their critics and enemies ridiculed and may have lectured them on the way they were supposed to act.

Our country would not be what it is today if Lincoln compromised on slavery or Martin Luther King compromised on racial equality, and I applaud the effort to not compromise with those in Washington who are unwilling to reduce government spending and want to implement a health care system that resembles a 1970’s Soviet Supermarket.

Ted Craig


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom