Much lost

Regarding Williamsport and its lack of businesses and services since the 1980s, do you call Williamsport a center city business district? Well, you have lost 47 stores/businesses since 1980s and plenty of vacant store fronts and entire buildings razed, etc.

Fourty-seven businesses have vanished. You should all be ashamed to let this town go to pot like you did over the decades.

Hospital and colleges eat up territory – tax-free – and that’s another no-no to a town’s survival. It’s total insanity.

I’m very angry, upset at what’s happened the last four decades.

We lost a lot over the years:

Sears, Penney’s, L.L. Stearns, Glick’s Shoes, Melody Shop, Grit Publishing, Lynn Hayes, Wilson’s, Carroll House, Reliable Furniture Company, Ramin Drug Store, Hoyer’s Photo Shop, Uniform Shop, Varsity Shop, Phillips Supply House, JP and Mulligan Store, Shires Jewelry Store, Kinley Jewelry Store, Hearthstone Restaurant, Ormond’s Pharmacy at Fourth and Market Streets (which was community drug store,) Phone Co., Cable Co. on Basin St., one whole block between Market and Mulberry streets, devoid of businesses.

Stephanie Crayton