Overdue bipartisanship

Undoubtedly those students of national politics who support either party and preach reaching across the aisle need to look at the election results for New Jersey. Unless incorrectly reported, voters from each party as well as the various ethnic groups have set an example as to what the election and lawmaking processes should embrace.

The Obama administration preaches this ethic, yet when it comes time to making a proper decision, the American people see nothing but impasse.

The leader of our country frequently uses this term, but is completely inept at bringing the parties together. As Americans we look for those who represent us to act in the best interest of the country, but do they really?

Heaven forbid that doing the best would mean breaking ranks and jeopardize your political career and committee assignments.

I would just as soon have respected honest men that made laws in our best interest. Come on now, it’s a two/three party system in deadlock.

It’s two football teams with indignant storytellers in the press box. Not one team who can work for the betterment of the people. Sad.

Frank L Forsha


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom