Religion and politics

One letter published by the paper has been the source of contention politically and religiously. That letter is ‘War on Christianity’.

What people are not understanding is that Christianity appeals to a diversity of people. It is because of faith that it has such lasting appeal, it is not because it resonates with one particular political ideology. Faith and ideology are not one and the same but we have people who think that it is or that it should be.

Christianity is for the poor, the rich, the middle class. Christianity is for the very young to the very old. Christianity is for the conservative, the moderate, the center, the liberal and the non committed. Christianity is for the free and for the incarcerated. It is for all genders, races, nations.

No political party has proprietary rights to Christianity nor should they. You are not more Christian or a better Christian because of the political party you belong to. When a political party speaks to their ideology using Christianity they are speaking to ideology not faith.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom