Scary legislation

This is in response to the Sun’s editorial on Oct 24, titled “School Property Tax Changes; Debate, But with Caution”. May I suggest that the word “Caution” be replaced with “Extreme Fear”.

I served on the Williamsport Area School Board for 8 years the last 4 as its president. I can tell you, hands down, that if legislation is passed implementing an increase in the personal income and sales tax, while still retaining any form of property tax it will result in all 3 taxes being “Bled to Death” by the teachers union.

Just look at what has happened with the past, so called, “Property Tax Relief Reforms” – they have been negated by year after year of increased school taxes. The only way this will work is if property tax is completely eliminated.

I would hope that our local legislators are too smart to be so stupid as to support legislation that “Serves a few at the expense of the many”.

Marlin Delroy Lilley Jr.

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom