Social media and emergencies

I noticed the photo caption from the Oct. 24 edition of the Sun-Gazette that referenced Dave Sanko, Executive Director of the Lycoming County Association of Township Officials, “stresses the need to use social media in emergencies”, and I would like to lend my two cents to this comment.

I was one of many people to experience the issues associated with Tropical Storm Lee in 2011. Living in Plunketts Creek Township, one is generally prepared for power outages and a few inconveniences, but this storm as anything but usual. Sadly, with no electric, no phone and living in an area with no cell phone service.

I remember my personal frustration as I tuned to the local radio station with my battery powered radio for updates and information, only to hear that I should tune into their web site for more information, etc. Ummmm, how was I to do that with no phone service to supply the DSL internet service?

I agree that social media has the potential to be a valuable tool in the time of an emergency and information coming from an official site would be wonderful. Please, just keep in mind how people tend to sensationalize events and that not all of us believe everything that we see/read on any given social media sight, and we may not have access to the information regardless of the source.

Cindae Wilson

Plunketts Creek