Taken out of context

Most misunderstandings occur when words are taken out of context. If taken one line at a time, the lyrics to “Short People,” the 1977 pop tune by Randy Newman, could be construed as very insulting and demeaning.

However, one needs to hear the rest of the story: “Short people are just the same as you and I. All men are brothers until the day they die. It’s a wonderful world.” Through this humorous song Mr. Newman was trying to get us to look at our own prejudices and stereotypes.

“Short People” was selected for the Prism concert because it is a light and entertaining song that audiences have always enjoyed.

The selection was not intended to degrade or insult anyone. The wonderfully diverse group of Mansfield University students who performed that piece on the annual Prism concert are some of the best at Mansfield University.

They have represented Mansfield University in numerous settings and have demonstrated kindness, acceptance and friendship to people around the state, the region and the world.

Sheryl Monkelien


Director of the Mansfieldians

Mansfield University Music Department

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom