The South Side

This letter is concerning Stephanie Crayton’s letters. She used to write and sign them South Williamsport

Now she’s putting down just Williamsport.

Did she move, seems like when she wrote about the businesses in Williamsport all lost, she signed it Williamsport. That’s the way things happen. And by the way, you forgot Rice’s on Fourth Street and many more. About South Williamsport, yes there is a lot of trouble going on, but I’m not about to leave my porch lights on, it’s bad enough paying the light bill.

We must get rid of the drug dealers, and the ones who buy it.

It’s getting worse and the police have a lot to deal with. On another subject, I voted on the fifth of November, did all of you? If not, quit your complaining, you have no right.

Donna Lambert

South Williamsport