The worst


He cannot be all that bad! That is, President Obama in the White House.

Yes, he has one thing going for him.

He will go down as the “absolute” worst president in American history.

Speaking of history; let’s look at a bit of recent history.

There is a litany of items to be mentioned.

We will be brief here, because there is not enough paper on which to print it all.

This week’s financial news: The dollar fell against the EURO and the Japanese yen. (Note, the EURO is weak to start with.)

Debt ceiling crisis ahead. Government shutdown looming, Putin outfoxed the neophyte in the Oval Office, G20 snubs Obama, Iran’s Abupsycho snubs Obama, Obama snubs Netanyahu (a great man), White House supports gay marriage, Russia buying gold weighing as much as the Empire State Building, China is buying more gold than Russia, U.S. is selling gold and printing “funny money.” Michelle’s shopping trips to New York City cost enough to fund all the charities in New York City.

Obamacare stalemate, businesses don’t want it, and neither do most “sensible” citizens, the White House shuts down coal industry, the President spends more time on his personal travel plans than he does planning the safety of our soldiers in Afghanistan, President takes no position on Egypt, U.S. policy on Syria and Assad unclear, Benghazi coverup, President cozies up to Chavez and Islamic militants, imports (balance of payments) at all time high, President Hussein “O”‘s Chicago cronies “in jail,” Silicon Valley loses 47,000 jobs, GDP growth is anemic, the president’s campaign promises were to increase employment among minorities, the result is unemployment has increased 5.7 percent, president attacks our second Amendment Rights.

Dec. 15 is the 220th anniversary/birthday of our Bill of Rights, which I see eroding steadily under this virulent President.

I wonder who voted for him. I am in a Bible study on Saturday and my group is slowly seeing the light.

Soon they may see what we have in the Oval Office.

Alan Cohick

Cogan Station