They should pay

I read with interest your extensive article regarding the rise of insurance rates for those who build in flood zones and I say so be it. They should pay through the nose. First they are aware of the consequences, (remember, we have lots of land not in the flood zone where they could build) and secondly when they build in a flood zone, they are filling in ponding areas and forcing the water into others’ homes and basements.

I’ve seen this happen over the years here in Loyalsock, over the past years on three separate floods from the Loyalsock Creek and Bull Run and it will happen again.

When the Susquehanna rises, the creeks will back up into the low areas.

There were recently two homes built in the old Lymehurst Parkway in a flood zone and it will flood again.

I have lived here for 48 years and have seen the Little League fields washed away twice and pumped out basements on Sheridan, Reed and Westminster. Those who sell and those who build in flood zones should pay just as those who build along the ocean shores. Eventually it will cost you, so live with it.

Remember, those who sell you the land and those in authority are only interested in filling their pockets at that time. The insurance company has to look at the history regarding flooding. Think about it!

Harold M. Ingram