Time travel

In a recent editorial titled “Did court go too far?” the Sun-Gazette proudly argued that our president has superhuman powers. They stated that “President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency” has the authority to shut down coal-fired power plants. It clearly made the point that the administration has “gone too far” in regulating the clean air we breathe. What most readers probably fail to realize is that President Barack Obama took office on January 20th, 2009. The Supreme Court ruling the Sun- Gazette refers to: “Massachussetts vs. the Environmental Protection Agency” was handed down on April 2, 2007. That is almost two full years before President Obama entered office. To ascribe to President Obama supernatural powers of time travel is reaching a new plateau.

Secondly, the editorial make the ridiculous claim that there are “valid questions” about the danger and reality of global warming, calling those who point out the obvious as “global warming alarmists”. Well, what you call alarmist I call “scientists”…since over 97 percent agree that global warming is in fact happening and is a result of carbon dioxide emissions due to human activity.

In fact, every major scientific academy even remotely related to climate, chemistry, physics or oceanography has fully agreed, the entire international scientific community in a nutshell.

Another laughably false claim by the Sun- Gazette is that “unilateral action by the U.S. would have only a miniscule effect on the situation”.

To wrap things up, 1) President Obama does not indeed have the ability to travel back in time; 2) 97 percent of every living scientist agreeing on something does not mean there is widespread debate on something and 3) 20 percent of the entire global carbon dioxide poisoning is not a “miniscule” thing.

Richard Saunders


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom