Voting positively

Well, the local elections are history and the results as usual disappointed some earnestly concerned citizens. Each cycle it seems to me brings about much hand wringing about the apparently silent majority, who avoid the polls and thus spoil the aspirations of the “right” candidates.

I would like to acknowledge the folks who do get out and cast their vote. They are neither cynical nor so without hope that they consider their vote as futile and meaningless. They make a conscious choice while being accused of being “uninformed”.

They take the rhetorical battle cry of “having a voice” seriously and manifest this as intended as their exercised right to vote.

It is perfectly understandable that a candidate who fought so hard was nonetheless disappointed on election night.

It would be a mistake for such candidates to believe that anything other than fate was the influence to their unfortunate exclusion from the office they sought.

We should never sully the process of our system based upon bitter disappointment. Blaming those citizens who didn’t vote will not engage them to vote next time. Anger at the success of candidates who came out on top and those who voted for them is petty and little.

Likewise, “to the victor belong the spoils” is a derogatory term associated with the national election of 1828. Nobody should feel entitled to anything other than responsibility when it comes to the people’s business.

William C. Henderson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom