What you got

OK, so let me get this straight. The fixes for the health care website are now estimated to cost over a billion dollars(that’s with a B folks). According to the 2012 census there are approximately 314 million people in the U.S. That amounts to over 3 million dollars for every man woman and child in this great nation. For that amount we get a broken website for a system that was designed to fail with express purpose of pushing us toward a single payer government run health care system.

Can anyone say death panels I know you could. Three million dollars in an individual health savings account would pay for most everyone’s health care needs for their lifetime.

How about this put that money into a health savings account at birth one that accrues interest over time and low and behold if the person is healthy and they reach retirement age without any major health problems then they can use that as their retirement.

Simplistic, I know, and it just makes too much sense and for those that don’t know already this is not about health care it is about government control over more of our daily lives. Anything you do in every minute of the day has some kind of health care implications. The control freaks in Washington will use this law to justify more intrusion into our personal lives by monitoring how our behaviors effect our health. Welcome to the surveillance states of America, hope you like living under a microscope so you could have free health care.

Barry L. Farr US Navy (retired)


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom