A bad deal

I am writing in response to your December 12, 2013 Op-Ed piece, “Ultimate verdict on road bill years away.”

You stated “we have reluctantly supported” the increase in vehicle fees and fuel taxes over the next five years to repair bridges, roads and to provide dedicated funding to mass transit in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

We automobile drivers already pay a gasoline tax to repair bridges and roads. Where has the already collected gas tax money gone?

Before we have additional gas taxes collected at the pump, we should have an accounting of the huge sums already paid for road and bridge repairs. Has some of the gas tax money been diverted to mass transit in the big cities in the past?

I am opposed to having gas tax money go for mass transit. Riders of mass transit in the big cities pay no gas tax at the pump, so why should gasoline purchasers subsidize cheaper rides for mass transit users?

If mass transit riders decide to commute to work in cars, then they can contribute their fair share for bridges and roads at the gas pump. Since bridges and roads need fixing, I see no reason to give a free handout to mass transit users.

That handout is the biggest flaw in the Highway Bill and why it failed to pass several times and was recently passed by only a few votes.

The current Highway Bill is a bad deal for the rural citizens of Pennsylvania.

Ron Benjamin


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom