A closing vice

This concerns the contract reached by the city Streets and Parks Department’s Union of Williamsport, with a 2 percent raise each year for the next 4 years. Once again, we retired seniors who must help foot the bill for city expenses, are caught up in the jaws of a closing vice. Our social security checks amount to the income of a job that pays $5.00 an hour. We received a 1.5 percent raise, which would be $200.00 a week we receive, plus a raise of $3.00 per week.

Streets and Parks Department Union members who are paid $20.00 an hour would receive $800.00 a week plus a weekly raise of $16.00. Many other working class American, such as unionized labor, civil service workers employed by federal, state and local governments, the Postal Service, school teachers, nurses, college employees, policemen and fireman who receive yearly increases in their salaries that far exceed even the raise that was granted to the Williamsport Street and Parks Department union members. This action is so out of reason and expectation, that it is conscionable, and an outright insult to every living retired senior citizen of this state.

Now the Lock Haven City Police received a 2.5 percent wage increase for the next four years, their current four year contract grants a 3 percent increase every year. We retired seniors blame the U.S. government for a measly 3.2 percent increase in social security over the past four years, while elected leaders in our country seats such as Lock Haven and Williamsport abuse the tax payers’ money by lavishly granting a 10 percent increase over the same time table.

Local leaders are in the same boat as the federal leaders. They should all bow their heads in shame and take a refresher course in economics, if such a course still exists. Maybe all of you could become educated to the fact that economics is management of public wealth and satisfaction of human needs. it is not, we bill you, you pay us, we then do as we well please, because we answer to only those who we support. These are the very words that are lived by and practiced by the majority of the victors on election day.

Weldon C. Cohick