About Obamacare

I just read where Obama Care will exclude the top hospitals in their plans. Hospitals that are being excluded are leaders in innovation, which saves billions of dollars for the healthcare system in the long run. The major teaching and research hospitals are more expensive not because they are inefficient but because of what they do. So dear Comrades, the top hospitals will be reserved for elite political party members only. The average American when confronted with a serious complicated illness will be told that it’s time for you to die. Go home and take these pain pills and be thankful for Obama’s utopia you are now living in. Socialism is all about the equal sharing of mediocrity and misery except for the political elite. Obama and the Democrats are proving themselves exceedingly masterful on both counts.

Buyer’s remorse, anyone?

It appears that Obama and the Democrats are choosing who shall live and die based on elitism at the most immoral and corrupt level in all time. Only the rich and political class will be allowed to be treated for deadly diseases and the rest of the people will be stuffed into government clinics and WalMart style hospitals with few doctors and trained professionals. Sad reflection on the Democrats and Barack Obama… absolutely shameless they are. This is no different than in all socialist/communist countries. The leaders go to the finest doctors and hospitals, and the people have whatever is leftover. The old Soviet Union was a perfect example of this.

Remember, Ms. Pelosi, Mr. Reid, and Mr. Obama are all not under Obama Care. When they or their family members get sick, they will go to the very best. Socialism is for you and me, certainly not any of them.

Romuald Andraka

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom