Already paid for

For everyone not counting the dollars, these monies are on record, on file for anyone that takes their time to look and for those that are commenting about taxing gas companies, you need to get educated. The gas companies have already paid their dues when it comes to paying the state for fixing these roads. Mind you, these roads were already dismal to begin with before the drillers were coming to Pennsylvania.

Believe it or not, $8.4 million went to Lycoming County in July 2013 “alone”, $117,200 is going to fix Reach Rd, $1.2 million is for drainage and shoulder reconstruction which will be in May next year. The airport terminal is getting $1 million, along with federal funding, for a $13.6 million project.

Now let’s get to the housing $340,000 is going to the ex-Brodart building which is going to cost $19.3 million. It will have 74 mixed income dwellings, 40 apartments, 32 town houses, and only two single family homes. $610,000 is going to Williamsport housing strategy, which is the memorial homes and Bro dart neighborhood improvement program, Which is apart of step and habitat for humanity.

The new YMCA building will benefit from a $530,000 water and sewer project. Which will save the YMCA $60,000 because it will be next to the YMCA building, which will exclude them from paying tap on fees. South Williamsport is getting $170,000 for a $6.5 million project which includes a half million gallon water tank and pump station.

There is $3.7 million going towards the county government. $233,502 is for “scanning documents,” case management software $99,404, prison over crowding study, $81,300, and a vehicle for the coroner with safety upgrades, $44,446. Future county projects worth $2,173,870 include department of public safety microwave project for emergency communications $1,880,000, upgrades to all court-related departments for improvements $138,870..

As you can see, the state is getting the money, but the county is not putting it towards anything worthwhile. The county is supporting the drug population by giving them housing, and handing out free money. Look at the real problem that’s killing your city Drugs and welfare. Bring in the drug testing for welfare recipients, then you will see how the state will make money.

Now explain to me why gas companies should be taxed again to fix these roads, buildings, cities, and towns. While these companies since 2010 have paid permits to drive on the roads that they use. These permits are to repair the roads that are used for these vehicles. Why should they be taxed again, because the state government did not fix the roads with the money they had received in the first place?

Kevin Bashnick


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom