Answer to: It takes a village

I have lived here for most of my life on and off and I know the situation here. Since 1967, we have been the recipients of of drug dealers and users who were sent here to “recover.” Since most of the “influx,” as we call them, have been coming here, we have had to live with people who only came here to do what they were doing back in the areas they came from. Robberies, drug dealing, using, harassing people, shootings, gangs, stabbings, all kinds of crimes. How would you feel if you were walking home or downtown from work and some gang member goes up to a child and just shoots them for no reason?

If you read today’s paper (Dec. 6) you will see on the front page just what our Codes Dept., police and fire have to deal with every day. We didn’t used to have these problems before 1967. (Bless the officials who responded. Thank you.)

I’ve seen how these people operate and since they have to live somewhere, landlords rent to them and let them destroy the places and walk off, not caring what they do or who they do it to. Yes, there are some who have come here and bless them, they have made something of themselves and should be proud of it. But others –.

All people who move here to make their living and raise families are not about this kind of behavior and we know that and welcome them with open arms; but most of those people who have come here in the past and are still coming are not desirable to a lovely third class city and they need to go.

The landlords who do not care what happens to their properties or who lives on them and never come around to see what is happening on them are the ones who should be helping the city keep track of the criminals and their properties. I’m sure I don’t want to live in fear for my life!

People in this wonderful city should be fighting hard to keep our community in check!

Gretchen H. Kennedy