Bad, bad drivers

When is the state going to start taking older drivers out of the open road to check their responses? I’ll be 75 years old and still drive, but I know what I’m doing. When I can’t tell the brake from the gas pedal, I quit.

O.K., so you have diabetes make sure your sugar is where it’s supposed to be. Other health issues are people with cataracts that are 90 years old and still driving, they can hardly walk but they are still out there.

I worry about my family out on the highways, drunks drugged, dizzy, talking, texting on their cell phones also. It’s just not the old folks, it’s the ones who have their minds on everything but their driving.

I had people give me nasty gestures when I couldn’t get over on the beltway to let them in. Rude, rude people. It’s worse right now with the holidays coming. People who drive too long and fall asleep, wiping out a family.

Speeding, racing, wake up you guys, you know who you are. Older folks when you don’t feel just right that day, stay home. You’ll be safe that way.

Donna J. Lambert

South Williamsport