Circumventing resolution

What is the main function of the federal courts? To interpret laws of the United States. What is a tax bill? A legislative motion that authorizes the government to spend money. Is the Affordable Care Act a tax? Yes, according to the Supreme Court. Can a bill originate in either house of Congress. Yes, except for a tax bill which must originate in the House of Representatives. Did the Affordable Care Act originate in the House?

Were Senators always elected? No, originally Senators were not elected by the people but Representatives have always been. Why were members of the People’s House given two year terms while members of the Senate were given 6. This gives the people a closer check on how they are taxed than if a tax bill could also be introduced in the Senate. It also ensures the government remains close to the people rather than waiting 6 years for the reelection of a Senator to check that error. Is the President’s main function to see that Laws and enforced? Yes.

What is a continuing resolution and is it circumventing the Constitution?

William L. Harris