Civility needed

I have been reading the letters for some time now and have on occasion responded to some of the comments. Very often my thoughts focused more on the tone of peoples remarks then their opinions. So…

After a recent letter about the checks and balances in Washington DC, a gentleman calling himself “Real American” had this response to another writer, “he hates America period. We will need our guns when Obama declares martial law and shuts down all the banks. Obama will never be the socialist dictator he plans on being.” He then goes on to describe people who don’t think the way he does as “libtards”.

I’m sorry that there is so much hate in this man’s mind, I’m sorry there is such a lack of civility in general in many of these responses, and I’m sorry that this man’s peers don’t stand up and take him to task.

I love America, and all her freedoms, but just because we “can” express ourselves this way, does not mean we should.

So sir, in closing, John Wayne was a Real American, and you sir are no John Wayne.

Patrick Shull


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom