Crime semantics

There is an article in today’s edition with the headlines stating an attempted robbery by three men. The article goes on to say one of the three men hit the victim in the back of the head, yet nothing was taken from him. That is not the description of a robbery, that is the description of the “game” called knockout that is slowly moving around the country and the media is reluctant to address it for what it is. It is a blatant disregard for another person’s well being, and in most cases the attack is aimed at the elderly, women, or someone who has an inability to respond, and with no warning.

I just wonder how many of these attacks are listed under a one line police report as disturbance, or altercation. I would just like to make people aware, if they are not already, of whats going on around them. Do not let your situational awareness be sidetracked.

Thomas Knerr


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom