Day reporting spot

I was riding downtown the other day and happened to pass the building on the corner of W. Third and Hepburn, saw it is for sale, and I remembered that the county has been talking about a day reporting center for prison offenders. What a great building that one would be to use. So many types of education for the offenders could be housed there. Also it is across from the county jail.

I realize that building is old but there have been a lot of renters in there over the years, so it can’t be in too bad shape. Is it possible that the county can check it out? Would be less costly than to building another building that in a few years would sit empty like quite a few others in town. We would be preserving a landmark in our history.

Our area is well known for trying to preserve our history, so why not do that by giving the city another building that has been refurbished and is a pleasure to look at.

On another topic, I was appalled when I read in Friday’s paper that the Air Force Academy may delete the phrase, “So help me God.” What appalls me is that first, the country that was founded by a group of people who believed that God would help them to establish a great country here. Since that time, a few people have made issue with the use of “God” in schools. In actuality, there are more religious people in this country than non-religious people, yet the “nons” get the attention and things are changed to suit them! What is next?

It is about time that we the people take over in Washington and in Harrisburg, elect officials who will remember the Constitution of the United States, not try to demolish the very things this country stands (or stood for) and run a clean, not for profit government!

Gretchen H. Kennedy